Along with our premium programs and entertainment, we pride ourselves of showcasing the very best of French language cinema from across the globe. French cinema is renowned throughout the arts and culture worlds for its groundbreaking cinematography and innovative narratives.

From heartwarming indie comedies and heart wrenching dramas to critically-acclaimed blockbusters, TV5MONDE features award-winning French language films. Skip to main content. Comdy, In a bizarre Breton library that collects rejected, never-published manuscripts, a young editor discovers a novel that she considers a masterpiece written by the mysterious Henri Pick.

English subtitles. Palais royal! Comedy, Drama, Winner of the Jury Grand Prix at Cannes.

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In a working class suburb of Dakar, a group of workers, unpaid for months, decide to leave the country to seek a better future. Following their departure, a strange fever takes hold of the young girls in the neighbourhood. Grand Prix Place des victoires en Subtitles in English.

Comedy, Drama, The story of an improbable but life-saving encounter between Bruno, in his forties dealing with professional and family setbacks and Gagic, a young boy from the streets and a mischievous pilferer. Bruno will gradually find hope, guided by Gagic. L'inclinaison des chapeaux en Subtitles in English. Fifteen years have passed, since his parents asked Antonin to leave their home.

Romantic Comedy, A mother begins a new relationship with an anti-conformist and penniless poet named Yves. The mother along with her son help Yves discover the path of redemption.

Stay up to date with our films and view the programming schedule above.Program Tv TV5 Azi. Nu ai cont? Program cinema. Dvd Dvd BluRay Soundtrack.

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Program TV Posturi favorite. Entertainment E! Une saison au zoo Sezonul 8 - Episodul 5. Simon Sezonul 2 - Episodul Bouyou Sezonul 1 - Episodul Les minijusticiers Sezonul 3 - Episodul Max et maestro Sezonul 1 - Episodul Passe-partout Sezonul 1 - Episodul 2.

Passe-partout Sezonul 1 - Episodul 3. Objectif monde l'hebdo Sezonul 2 - Episodul 6. Internationales Sezonul - Episodul. Destination francophonie Sezonul 8 - Episodul. Maghreb-orient express Sezonul - Episodul 6. Objectif monde Sezonul 3 - Episodul 1. Terriennes Sezonul - Episodul. Rosamunde Pilcher. Pop show Sezonul - Episodul. Retour aux sources Sezonul 1 - Episodul 2. C dans l'air Sezonul - Episodul. TTC - toutes taxes comprises. A bon entendeur. Le journal de radio-canada.

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To improve our programs, content, and services.Currently in Saginaw, MI. More Local News. More Editor's Picks. A new report estimates that 29 million women and girls are victims of modern slavery, exploited by practices including forced labor, forced marriage, debt-bondage and domestic servitude.

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Officials thwart attempt to kidnap governor, overthrow state government. West Michigan Sheriff weighs in after two suspects in kidnapping plot arrested in his county.

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Posted on Oct 9, Gretchen Whitmer. Michigan leaders calling for others to condemn domestic terrorism plot. Weather Alert. Commission cancels second debate between Trump and Biden. State lawmakers concerned for safety after plot to kidnap Whitmer becomes known. Details emerge about suspects charged for conspiring to kidnap Whitmer.

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Police investigating possible abduction attempt in Caro. State leaders react to thwarted plot to kidnap Whitmer. More Local Headlines.With our continually-updated selection, you can enjoy the latest releases and classics again and again. TV5MONDE is proud to offer the first, and the most extensive selection of the best French language movies available on any cable or streaming service—making us the premier provider of French movies on demand in the USA.

New Titles Every Month Each month, we feature new releases and award-winning films to keep you up with the latest and greatest in French cinema.

Discover upcoming French movies on demand and stay on top of films that will expire soon with our monthly email updates. We also offer timeless classics—featuring iconic actors and opening up a world of history and culture often forgotten outside of the cinema. The prominence of French language cinema worldwide has made many French actors and actresses household names.

Call us at Begin your immersive journey into French media, film, television, and culture today. Each month, we feature new releases and award-winning films to keep you up with the latest and greatest in French cinema.

Immerse yourself in French culture or come to appreciate the work of award-winning French actors and actresses in a new way. Contact us to find out how to subscribe! Skip to main content. Now Playing. Now playing.

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Coming Soon. Playing this week:. Terms and conditions.The terms and conditions of the bonus system shall be defined in the bonus terms and conditions tailored to each bonus campaign. If a bonus is subject to a Turnaround Requirement, winnings generated by the wager of the bonus will be able to be withdrawn only when the Turnaround Requirement is fulfilled.

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Betbull retains the right to decline to accept bets without providing any reason.The trip was extremely well organized while providing us with the flexibility to do things that my son and I enjoy. I have been arranging my husband and my honeymoon around Iceland in August from Sydney Australia. Signy's advice was fantastic and he has helped create an unforgettable once in a lifetime experience full of exciting activities.

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I would not hesitate to recommend Signy and Nordic visitor as a company to anybody thinking about visiting Iceland. I've used Nordic Visitor for two self-drive vacations now. The first, Iceland Full Circle in June 2011 was so enjoyable that I used them again this June to travel through Scandinavia.

For Iceland, I followed their set itinerary, but in Scandinavia I asked them to customize their Highlights of Scandinavia tour to add stops or extra days at some locations. Although all communication took place via email, I felt that an actual person was helping to plan my trip. For both vacations, Nordic Visitor responded to my every request and provided everything they promised. I'd definitely use them again if I travel to the countries where they operate.

I think we all loved Iceland and hope to return some day. The self-drive tour was a perfect choice because we had a safety net with Nordic Visitor but still had the independence to do what we wanted each day.

We enjoyed coming during May because nothing was crowded and we got to experience four seasons of Iceland which was certainly an adventure. If we visited again though we would probably try to come in June or later in May. I was also worried that there would be a lot of things that we would want to do which would cost more money, but all of the most amazing things were free, and were part of the Nordic Visitor Itinerary.

There were some places we explored independently of the itinerary, but that was part of the fun and freedom of the self-drive tour. This was a totally professional experience. Highly organized, great itinerary, lodging, food, everything was designed to give us trouble-free and easy activities. And the weather cooperated too - we had a wonderful time. Highly recommend going through Nordic Visitor for any future travels.

Had no worries the whole time while on vacation. We all felt very relaxed. Kristin was very helpful and answered my many questions promptly. The mobile phone provided for cases of emergencies is a nice thought from Nordic Visitor.

I found all Nordic Visitor staff I had email contact with very friendly, helpful and accommodating. When there were issues with the invoice, staff were helpful and understanding and the situation was sorted out easily. Staff responded quickly to emails Delighted with how smoothly everything went.

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